How to Leave a Comment on a Pinterest Pin

How to leave a comment on a Pinterest pin

Pinterest, like other social media, allows users to interact with each other through comments on posts. Pinterest pinners can interact with the Pinterest community by saving and sharing pins, called repinning, or by leaving comments on pins. A comment can be a simple one, with a few words at the bottom of a pin. Pinterest users can include other users’ account handles and leave a message for someone specific, the same way Twitter and Facebook users do. Either way, there users have 500 characters, including spaces, to user for each comment. Remember, all Pinterest comments are public and visible to everyone.

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Leaving a comment is also a strategy to get more Pinterest followers. Directing a comment at a particular user encourages them to interact with you. You can even use a comment to ask another pinner to follow you.

To write directly to another user, append the @ symbol to the beginning of their username. For example, to send a comment to me, on Pinterest, include “@pintak” with the text underneath a pin description. Pinterest will send a notification to me. Commenting works the same way for desktop and mobile devices.

Leaving a comment on a pin is easy. To leave a comment for another user:

  • Select any pin (it does not have to be a pin on the recipient’s board, or even one they saved) (Figure 1)
  • How to Leave Comment Pinterest Pin Figure 2

    (Figure 1)

  • Tap/ Click on the pin to get the close up view< (Figure 2)
  • How to Leave Comment Pinterest Pin Close Up

    (Figure 2)

  • Scroll down below the pin’s image and description (Figure 3)
  • How to Leave Comment Pinterest Pin - comment

    (Figure 3)

  • Underneath the last comment, type in your message along with the recipient’s name followed by the @ symbol coupled with their username For example, try “@pintalk follow me!” on one of my pins! (Figure 4)

How to Leave Comment Pinterest Pin Figure 2

(Figure 4)

Notes on Pinterest Commenting:

  • A user does not have to be following you to receive your comment, but the sender does have to be following the intended recipient
  • Comments are limited to 500 characters long

How to Leave Comment Pinterest Pin