About Notifications

Pinterest has been undergoing frequent visual and functional changes over the past 2 months. It began with a major overhaul and introduction of the new Pinterest layout. Well, isn’t that tutorial is already outdated! I manage several business accounts and many times am able to see phases of the roll-out as each of my accounts receives an upgrade. This newest menu notification is not fully rolled out as only 1 of my account has the upgrade.

Last week a relatively minor update was pushed onto one of my Pinterest accounts. It seems like a minor update because it only involved the menu in the upper corner of your Pinterest account but I think this is one of their best improvements to date. Gone is the newsfeed style column on the left side of your home screen. In its place is a notification bar in the upper right corner featuring a highlighted number telling you how many notifications you have waiting.


In the above screenshot, I have 2 notifications. Notifications are an alert that tells you someone has repinned or liked your pin it also tells you when someone follows an individual board or follows your account. Hover your mouse over the number to find out who pinned or liked what. A notification does not notify you of a direct message or if someone unfollowed anything.

Below is a screenshot of the notification menu dropped down. You can see that I repinned a few Pintalk pins. One of the best features of this menu is that you can easily click on the icon of either the pinner’s account or the pin itself and the system pops up.

Also note that the old “repins from” section that is still at the upper portion of your home screen to the right of you logo (see “old” arrow) seems to be deactivated. I have had the same 3 faces showing all week even though the notification bar claims repins from many others so it’s my guess the “repins from” box will disappear once the notifications menu is fully implemented.

I am absolutely loving this change. It has made seeing who I’m engaging so much easier