Add Location Data to Pinterest Pins

Have you noticed the newest way to pin on Pinterest or possibly been lost on how to upload new images or add pins from a website? Discussed in a previous Pinterest tutorial, the Pinterest pinning menu moved to the lower right corner of desktop screens. An interesting feature for all pins is that they now have an additional field for location. This additional information is added when a user edits the pin information.

How to add location data to pinterest pins 440px

Pinterest Place boards are boards that have maps added to them. They are popular with boards about travel destinations as users can add location information like city or even business name. Place boards, sometimes referred to as map boards, are useful for local marketing campaigns.

See the pinning menu in the figure below. There are entries for URL, text field, a category selector and now a location. It is interesting to note that the location field does not go away if you do not pin to a Pinterest Place Board.


Figure 1

Previously, location data was only added to pins as they were pinned to Pinterest Place Boards. Now it can be added to all pins via the edit pin dialogue box. The nice part about this feature is that pins with location information can be added to boards that do not have maps and retain while retaining their location data. The pin below was added to a Place board then repinned to one without a map. The map and location show below the pin.

Pinterest Pin Add Location

Figure 2

To add the location to any pin:

  • Click on the pin you wish to edit
  • Click on the pencil icon in the upper right corner
  • The edit pin dialogue opens up
  • Add the location in the Place field

The location must be one that is mapped via If it is not, go to Foursquare and add it there first.