How to Adjust Your Email Preferences on Pinterest


How to Adjust Your Email Preferences on Pinterest

Learning How to Adjust Your Email Preferences on Pinterest enables the social media giant’s users to reduce how many email notifications they receive. As Pinners grow their following on Pinterest, the number of notifications received via email, desktop, and the app naturally increases. Notifications can get out of control and interfere with work or the user experience. This is especially true if there are notifications from multiple apps popping up constantly.

Pinterest users cannot choose whom they receive notifications from. For example, they cannot reduce the number of notifications by choosing to only see activity from “real friends’ or close Pinterest followers. However, users can choose to turn off certain types of notifications thereby reducing or eliminating unwanted chatter from the app. As users grow a large following, the noise generated by the activities of other users can fill up an inbox or constantly interrupt the workday with tons of in-app pop ups.

When users have email notifications turned on, they receive a notification via email when they there is certain Pinterest activity. Examples of notifications include: Another Pinterest user saves your Pin, likes your Pin, sends you a Pin, or comments on your Pin. Depending on a user’s settings, they may receive a notification when friends from another social network such as when a Facebook friend joins Pinterest.

Users do not necessarily want to know every single activity each one of their followers completes on Pinterest.

Adjusting Your Email Preferences on Pinterest is straightforward. Turning down notifications can be accomplished within the app or via the desktop version of Pinterest.

To Adjust Email Preferences on Pinterest Desktop Version

  1. Go to your Pinterest settings at
  2. Under the “notifications” section tap “Email.” On the next screen, slide the selector to turn email notifications to “off.” Alternatively, leave the the slider set to “on” and individually select which types of notifications to receive.
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      To Adjust Email Preferences on the Pinterest App

      1. Tap the person silhouette icon in the upper right portion of the Pinterest app screen
      2. Tap the bolt / hexagon
      3. Tap “Edit settings”
      4. Under the “notifications” section tap “Email.” From the next screen, slide the selector to turn email notifications “off.” Alternatively, set the slider to “on” and individually select which notifications to receive.

      Pinterest users can leave email notifications on then choose which types of notifications they would like to receive. For example they can be notified when another Pinner:

      • Saves their Pin
      • Likes their Pins, sends them a pin, comments on their Pin, etc.…

      The most useful notifications for building a following are to receive a notification when someone from your social networks joins Pinterest, invites you to a Group board, or follows you or one of your boards. If email notifications are set to “off” then users will not be able to see any of these options. When push notifications turned on, users are notified on their mobile device when they get a Pinterest notification.