Another New Pinterest Menu

Another New Pinterest Menu

Pinterest rolled out another new menu today. This appeared on all accounts I manage which is a much faster and broader deployment than past updates which took weeks to reach all user accounts.

This is a screenshot of the new Pinterest menu I saw on all of my accounts today. The Pinterest navigation menu has been revised many times over the past few weeks.

New Pinterest Menu

This new menu has one navigation item hi-lighted in red. The menu says “For Dad.” Whoa, right? Remember I wrote about Pinterest for Dudes? Could it be? No, not at all. At first I thought this was an effort to attract more male users but with Fathers’ Day right around the corner I knew it had to be about marketing. Click on the For Dad link and you arrive at let’s call it an “area” (for dads).

The link to see all pins on Pinterest looks like this “” the For Dads link is structured like this “” That’s not a pinboard or a search result page. That is a special purpose page set up by Pinterest to promote sponsored products. The For Dad area has pins from large retailers like REI and Walmart and also from one power user who works as a brand advocate. There is nothing natural about the for Dads board.

While there are a few other interesting features to note like the links to the Developers and Business areas, this very forward attempt to promote sponsored links is another push for Pinterest to move forward on the path to profitability.