Pinterest pinboard covers get a makeover

Pinterest pinboard covers get a makeover


I manage Pinterest accounts for multiple organizations. Pintalk is, of course, my own account and the one with the largest following. I see all layout and programming changes are always seen on Pintalk before they appear on any of the other accounts. I generally see the changes rolled out to the smaller accounts in 1 to 2 weeks after Pintalk is upgraded. Last night I was up late rearranging the Pintalk boards and saw that the bottom half of my home screen no longer matched the top! Definitely a weird layout mix, but I like what I saw.

The boards on the top half of the page still had the current style of board covers. The rest of the boards on the bottom of the page had a new look. The new board cover includes an gravatar image of the board owner, the title of the board to the right of and aligned with the top of the gravatar and then the name of the board owner appears under the board’s title.

Here is what the new board cover looks like:


I say “looked” because before I had a chance to get a screenshot of the mismatched top and bottom, my account got the dreaded Pinterest 502 error only to return with the old layout. So did I catch Pinterest engineering in the middle of a test run or maybe a roll-out gone awry? Maybe! I hope this new board cover returns soon!