Can you please explain what “Pins from” means?

Hello! I am a new Pinterest business user. I have been made insane from all of the information on the web about how to use Pinterest; most of it is outdated. (Amazing, isn’t it??) Anyway, what you see below appears at the top of my Pinterest business home screen. It appears between my title box and the drop down menu in the far right corner. Can you please explain what “Pins from” means and, if this means that these users have pinned things from my Pinterest site, how do I find out what pins they chose to repin?? Thanks in advance. I’m hoping you are my source of up-to-date info on Pinterest….no one else seems to be.

Susan L

Hi Susan!

This is something that had planned on writing a tutorial about but thought no one would be interested. But… now I will, I actually do it. I already have all the screenshots I need for months because this one is confusing.

The answer is:

The 3 users that are listed to the right of your profile in the “repins from” area are profiles YOU have pinned from to your boards. This section updates very slowly so you are right, it’s a bit outdated. I have played with it and it seems if you pin and re-pin the same person’s photos over and over, it will update faster (sometimes by the next day!) This seems a bit useless to me!

The other list (drop down list in upper right corner with a whole list of activity) are users that have pinned you.

I hope this helps — tutorial coming soon, hopefully by Thursday!

Thank you for writing to me!