How to Change Pinterest Notifications – Updated

Change Pinterest Notifications - Updated

How to Change Pinterest Notifications- Mobile App and Desktop Pinterest

Pinterest notifications can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you have a lot of followers and boards. Pinterest users may want to limit the amount of notifications they are receiving. If you want to receive only certain types of notifications, then adjusting your Pinterest email notifications and turning off the others may be the way to go.

Pinterest has three ways to deliver notifications to you. Push notifications are delivered to your smartphone. There are also email notifications and those that occur only on desktop Pinterest. Since most Pinterest users access the social media channel using the mobile app, push notifications are probably the type of setting you want to adjust. Notifications delivered “on Pinterest” are just that. These are notifications about activity on your boards, updates on what your followers’ activity is on Pinterest, as well as suggestions for you.

Pinterest notifications can also be delivered by email. This is the area of your Pinterest settings where there are many options.

If you use the Pinterest app, then you can adjust or turn off push notifications completely. Push notifications, when on, include the following

  • Everything – sends push notifications to your mobile device about your Pinterest activity. You can turn off some of these options
  • Just the good stuff includes only the push notifications that Pinterest finds useful to you. It is not clear what categories or boards are included or excluded
  • Selecting no push notifications turns off all Pinterest push notifications.

Email notifications have many options these include the options listed for push notifications (above). This section of your Pinterest settings also shows Pinterest users which boards notifications are set to either on or off.

Pinterest email notifications can be turned off for boards picked for you – which is determined by Pinterest. This seems like a waste and I have this shut off. Actually, I have all notifications shut off except for on Pinterest. You can also opt out of surveys and feedback emails. If you participate on many group boards, as I do, then you may want to shut off notifications from these boards. They tend to be large and active. This could fill up your email box quickly.

Notifications on desktop Pinterest, are updates you receive when you log into the desktop app. This has the same options as app notifications.

How to change your Pinterest notifications or shut off Pinterest notifications on the mobile app

  1. Tap the hex (nut) at the top right corner of your app screen
  2. Select Edit settings
  3. Scroll down to the Notifications section
  4. Tap on Pinterest, Email, or Push notification
  5. Turn off the Pinterest notifications that you no longer want to see