How to Connect Instagram to Your Pinterest

Connect Instagram to Pinterest

Connect Instagram to Your Pinterest Account

Pinterest Pinners can connect Instagram to their Pinterest accounts. Pinterest calls this claiming your Instagram. When you connect (claim) Instagram to Pinterest your account will receive attribution for all Instagram posts that are saved on Pinterest.

Attribution is a way of crediting a social media post to its source. Twitter users attribute a Tweet by using @ followed by the Twitter username. For example, I’m @Pintalknet. This post would be attributed by Tweeting, “How to Connect Instagram to Your Pinterest by @Pintalknet”

Attribution is important for people and businesses using social media to gain exposure for their products and brands. When social media users can credit their posts across multiple channels it brings them more exposure. A large following on multiple social media channels can be especially helpful for influencer marketing. Large brands are expected to have omnichannel marketing strategies as well.

Even if you are a small business or a solopreneur, it is never a good strategy to depend solely on one channel for all your marketing outreach. Should any one channel – be it AdWords, Facebook, Pinterest, or other – make a sweeping policy change you could find yourself out of business overnight. If you have the ability to connect multiple channels to increase your following on each, take advantage of it. Connecting Instagram to Pinterest is a quick and easy way to accomplish this and claim further reach. You won’t need the help of a programmer to do it either.

Pinterest How Claim Your Instagram

Like Instagram, Pinterest is a visual social media channel. Pinterest has over 250 million monthly active users. Influencers find that both Pinterest and Instagram are excellent channels for introducing new products and services. Pinners use Pinterest for shopping and decision making. Popular categories include recipes, home décor, and fashion. However, categories exist for all interests.

Pinterest Connect YouTube
Pinterest Connect YouTube

Instagram, YouTube, and Etsy accounts can all be linked to Pinterest using your computer or by using your Pinterest mobile app.

How to Connect Instagram to Pinterest

  1. Click three dots in the upper right corner of your screen on desktop Pinterest or tap the hexagon on the home screen of the Pinterest app
  2. The Pinterest account menu opens up
  3. Select Edit Settings (on mobile) or Settings on desktop Pinterest
  4. Scroll down to the Claim accounts section
  5. Click Claim next to the accounts you want to link – in this case its Instagram
  6. Confirm that you want to link accounts in the authorization window that pops up
  7. When the pop-up closes you will return to your Pinterest settings page. The screen will confirm that your Instagram has been claimed

After connecting your Instagram to Pinterest, your Pins will be attributed to you or your business within a few days. That means anytime someone saves a Pin from your Instagram, it will be attributed, or associated with, your Pinterest.

If you have not converted to a Pinterest business account, then make that change. You will see analytics and have access to the Pinterest advertising platform.