Consumer brands, get started on Pinterest!

Consumer brands, get started on Pinterest!
With 48.7 million users (April 2013) and explosive growth, there’s big potential even for consumer brands to themselves on the platform.

Pinterest stats*:

  • 26% of online b2b marketers used Pinterest to distribute content during 2012.
  • Pinterest referrals spend 70% more money than visitors referred from non-social channels.
  • Visitors from Pinterest are 10% more likely to make a purchase over other major social media sites.
  • Pinterest users spend 10% more money on average than Facebook and Twitter users.
  • 43% of Pinterest members agree that they use Pinterest to “associate with retailers or brands with which I identify,” compared to just 24% of Facebook users who agree to the same use with Facebook

Here are a few links to more information on how to get started:

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*Rydne, Anna. “Pinterest: B2B Boards That Will Dazzle Your Clients.” 13 April 2013. < >