How to Create a Vertical Video for Pinterest

Create Vertical Video Pinterest

How to Create a Vertical Video for Pinterest or Instagram

Videos are a fantastic way to engage your audience and increase sales. Statistics show that a Pinterest Video Pin that features a life moment increases sales by 22%. A lifestyle Video Pin can yield a tenfold increase in brand awareness. A landing page that matches a Pinterest Pin can increase sales by thirteen percent. Combining effective strategies like pairing a life moment video with a matching landing page can improve sales and conversions.

Videos don’t need to be long either! A fifteen second to two-minute video is all you really need to succeed with a Pinterest video marketing strategy. Pinterest statistics show that the sweet spot for video length is about 45 second long. So, a quick vertical Pinterest video can round out a marketing campaign and help raise brand awareness, increase website traffic, and increase sales.

If you are not already using videos as part of your marketing strategy, you should be. Every major social media channel allows video uploads. YouTube, Facebook and Twitter all allow for uploaded videos as well as live videos.

Pinterest recently began allowing business accounts to upload scripted videos. Up until that time, Pinners could only share videos from YouTube or Vimeo accounts.

To upload a video, you must have a Pinterest business account. If you only have a personal account, then the only kind of video you can upload is a comment on a Pin known as a “tried it” which is for recipe Pins.

Ideal Video Pin Size

The comparison of a video width to height is referred to as aspect ratio. The width, or horizontal dimension, is always listed first. A video or image that is wider than it is tall will have a larger number first. An ideal YouTube video is 1600 pixels wide by 900 pixels tall. So, its aspect ratio is 16 to 9, often written as 16:9.

In contrast, an ideal Pinterest video is taller than it is wide, so it has a vertical, or portrait aspect ratio. The best Pinterest video aspect ratio is 2:3. For example, an ideal video would be 2000 wide pixels by 3000 pixels tall.

If you want to be more productive you can reuse your YouTube videos and upload them to Pinterest however the aspect ratio is not the same. The ideal YouTube video is 1600 pixels wide by 900 pixels tall. That’s known as landscape aspect ratio, or a horizontal video. However, Instagram videos are a vertical aspect ratio video if you have those save to your phone you could upload those to Pinterest and use them as a promoted Pin for an organic video Pin.

How to Shoot a Vertical Video

Facebook and YouTube videos are shot horizontally or another way to put it is to have a wider than taller aspect ratio level landscape aspect ratio Pinterest and Instagram videos are vertical videos.

How to Shoot a Vertical Video

One way to shoot a vertical video is to take your DLSR camera and simply turn it so the aspect ratio is vertical. The actual pixel dimensions of the vertical video can be adjusted later in post-processing or editing.

Another, easier and less expensive way to shoot a vertical Pinterest video is to Simply use your smartphone you can have your friend hold your smartphone or get a small tripod and high-resolution smartphones are perfect for Pinterest vertical videos.

don’t forget about the sound if you’re going to have sound in your video then make sure you get a good quality lavalier microphone I have a rode mic that I use for my smartphone and a different Sony mic for my DLSR camera however many people watch with the sound off so you may want to shoot your Pinterest video with no sound and then used text overlays either way whether you have sound or no sound it’s important to use text overlays so those who watch videos in public places or with the sound off can still get the message

Pinterest is a visual and textual search engine with over 300 million users. Pinterest Pinners use the site to organize ideas and plan purchases. Popular Pinterest topics include fashion, home decor, food, and do-it-yourself projects. Pinterest can be used for any vertical, but you might have to get creative with your videos to earn engagement.