DIY Pinterest Ads Manager

DIY Pinterest Ads Manager

Pinterest Pinterest announces Ads Manager last week that they are opening up the Pinterest Ads Manager to all small and medium businesses. The Pinterest ads manager is an online set of tools to let advertisers on Pinterest manage their own Promoted Pins.


Promoted Pins are paid advertisements that appear in Pinterest pinners’ streams. Promoted Pins are an effective means to advertise to Pinterest’s affluent, mostly female social audience.

The Pinterest Ads Manger [Figure 1] tools include a .csv ads template for managing campaign details, an image uploader, and a campaign metrics downloader. The Ads Manager tools allow users to compare different versions of creatives and ads targeting combinations.


Figure 1

We’ve used Promoted Pins on behalf of our clients and for ourselves as well! They are great at getting traffic to your website, especially when your brand falls into one of Pinterest’s popular categories!

In addition to the online tools, Pinterest is expanding targeting options to move closer to many options Facebook offers. Pinterest is expanding the number of interests that advertisers can target. Keywords were part of the initial Promoted Pin platform.

To access the Pinterest Ads Manger, click here