Ever hit a comment block?

Have you ever hit a comment block on Pinterest? A comment block is a systematic pop-up box that Pinterest invokes with its automated spam detection system. A pinner sees this notice when they leave a comment on a pin using the same word or phrase too often. In a support blog post Pinterest customer support explains that “Blocks usually happen when you do one action too quickly or frequently.”

I like to write a quick thank you when someone re-pins one of my Pinterest tutorials. I would like to write, “Thank you for re-pinning this!” however, I have to change up the wording so I don’t get the comment block. Today I tested this comment:

Thanks for re-pinning my article on #Pinterest personalization! ~Michelle

I tested that sentence out for the sake of this article and it only took 3 comments for me to get robo-blocked by the Pinterest spambot! So to verify my own humanity, I changed up the wording to this:

Thanks for re-pinning my #Pinterest personalization article! ~Michelle

and BAM! I was past the Pinterest police!