Five Steps to Your First Pinterest Promoted Pin Campaign

Five Steps to Your First Pinterest Promoted Pin Campaign

Promoted Pins are Pinterest’s answer to paid social media advertising. Pinterest business checklist users can choose between traffic campaigns and engagement campaigns. As with any marketing strategy, the first step is to determine the goal of your campaign and define the conversion. Conversions types include a sale, of course, but they can also mean acquiring 1000 new ”likes”, an email sign-up, or getting a new customer into a retail location. After defining your goal and strategy, there are technical aspects to setting up a new paid social advertising campaign – from meta tags, tracking pixels, to creating the actual ad itself.


Below are the steps to setting up a new Promoted Pin campaign.

Choose and Engagement or Traffic Campaign

A Pinterest Promoted Pin can be used to drive traffic to the website (traffic campaign). Promoted Pins can also be used for engagement campaigns to acquire more interactions, comments, re-pins, likes). The campaign type depends on the goal of your campaign. For example, businesses should choose an engagement campaign when trying to build up your Pinterest following. However, if the goal is to increase sales or lead generation, then choose a traffic campaign.

Create a conversion tag

Savvy social marketing campaigns employ the use of tracking tags. Pinterest terms it a conversion tag. Facebook named it the conversion pixel. Twitterverse knows it as a website tag. Whatever the name, these tags – which are generally javascript or a 1 pixel by 1 pixel graphic hosted on another server – track clicks and conversions from social media ads. Conversion tags are set-up by placing a short snippet of code on the advertisers’ landing page or website.

Create an audience for targeting

Custom audiences are the latest achievement in customized social advertising. A custom audience it created from an email list supply that is uploaded to a social media ad account. A typical list consists of current customers. The list is then used to target ads, exclude certain demographics, or to create lookalike audiences.

Complete your business settings

Be sure your Pinterest account is truly a business account. Verify the website domain name with Pinterest. Fill out the business name and address in the settings section. Of course, you’ll have to pay for ads. Pinterest only accepts credit cards for Promoted Pins, so be sure to add a credit card for billing.

Prepare a creative and upload it

Creating a graphic can be a fun process. The maximum aspect ratio of a Promoted Pin is 1:2.8. We use 736 pixels wide x 2748pixels tall. It may also take some trial and error. Pinterest has strict guidelines in place to make the social channel remains a wholesome, honest space for advertisers and Pinners alike.

Pinterest does not allow*:

  • Images with prices and discounts
  • Images with a false sense of urgency
  • Images with confusing design elements
  • Images with testimonials and ratings
  • Descriptions with more than one hashtag
  • Images or descriptions with improper grammar or lots of capitalization and symbols

*Note the differences between the images and text rules

This Promoted Pin guide from Pinterest has some creative ideas: