Five Ways to Use the New Pinterest Showcase

Five Ways to Use the New Pinterest Showcase

Have you seen the new Pinterest Showcase? It’s one of the new features available to Pinterest business users. Last week, I wrote a blog post on how to launch the Pinterest Showcase. If you missed that post head over to this quick step-by-step Pinterest Showcase set up guide.

Businesses or brands that already have the Showcase set up might be wondering what to add to a Pinterest business account – from bios to boards to Pins – the process may seem overwhelming especially if you are still trying to build a following. Think of the Pinterest Showcase like a promotional area or featured section. Add up to five Pinterest to the Showcase. Only one Showcase is allowed per account. Add your best boards, containing your best photos and videos of quality Pins!

Pinterest has over 100 million active users who love to shop online. The user base follow brands with their boards and save Pins containing popular items such as fashion, food, home décor and crafts. Saving a Pin to a board is associated with buyer intent. If your business aligns with one of these topics, then you should have no problem working Pinterest into your social media strategy. If your product is not directly related to one of these topics, then perhaps with a little creativity you can make it work.

Still not sure what to post? Here are some ideas to get started:

Buyable Pins

If your website transacts online with either Bigcommerce, Demandware, IBM Commerce, or Magento and a Shopify ecommerce store, then Buyable Pins are also available to your Pinterest account. All of your Buyable Pins can be added to your Showcase. In fact, if you are using Buyable Pins then they are automatically added to your Showcase, no work required!

Online Promotions

Your Showcase is essentially a series of Pins, similar to a slider on your website. A slider or a banner image are the spot where most websites feature their current promotion. Begin your branding on with a promotional Pinterest board added to the Showcase. Then edit your website to mirror the promo material. This will reinforce the promotion, sale or offer. Few shoppers buy after the first click or impression. Be sure to social followers them to buy, sign,-up, call, or download (whatever you conversion is) at least twice – once on the Showcase and once on the website. Make the path to shopping fast, easy, and obvious!


Your best-selling products are those evergreen items that customer will come back for repeatedly. Your best sellers are the products or services your brand loyalists love. Highlight those products on their own Pinterest board. They may also be part of your promotional board. They warrant their own area on your Pinterest account and on your website. If you are a personal brand then feature your top blog posts, videos or courses on your bestsellers board.


It does not matter if you are using social media as a business or personal branding; the Showcase is a perfect spot to highlight achievements. If you are building a business then use the Showcase to convey your brand’s messaging. Feature images that demonstrate what you are all about – organic, quality, luxury, discount, or best value. If you are a public speaker, business coach, or other personal brand then add images that show you working and support your core messaging. It is always important to demonstrate your own credibility and doing is with photos or videos is an easy way with a little creativity.
Contact Information

Yes, it is in your Pinterest bio already has a link to your website. That link has been there since you verified your website to convert your Pinterest to a business account. I have a board on my Pinterest that contains all of my contact information. My other social media accounts are listed along with my website URL and email information. Create a “Contact me” board and add it to your Showcase. Make it easy for customers or clients to find you.

No matter which board you decide to add to your Pinterest Showcase, be sure to fill the boards with images and videos that show your products, services, and brand messaging at it s best. Use clear, tall images with long, keyword rich descriptions.