Follow and Find Related Boards on the Pinterest Mobile App

Follow and Find Related Boards on the Pinterest Mobile App

The majority of users access Pinterest via the mobile app. Pinterest engineering is constantly adding new features to both the iOS and Android apps. Some features, like the Pinterest Ads Manager, are still only available on desktop Pinterest. Other features, like following a board and finding related pins from the cover of another board are available only on the Pinterest mobile app.

Mobile app updates are generally rolled out to iOS pinners first, then the Android users. If you use both platforms, like I do, and see something on your iPad but not on your Android phone, be patient!

I generally use the mobile app from a search for particular topics. I do not view another pinner’s account often. I am usually looking at an individual pin. If you do go to another pinner’s boards, then there are three more navigation features available. Pinterest pinners can follow a board, find related pins, and send a board to another pinner.

Press and hold any board cover photo. This pops up three choices [Figure 1]


Figure 1

  • Choose the eyeball icon to follow the board (not the user)
  • Choose the lightbulb icon to find Related Boards (not pins)
  • Choose the arrow icon to send the board to another Pinterest Pinner