Find Pinterest Followers with Similar Interests

Pinterest has a feature called Related Pins that helps users find other boards and pins that align with their interests. Related pins appear in your home feed and at the bottom of your screen after pinning.

There are two ways to see Pinterest related pins. The first way is passive. related pins appear in your home feed. They are chosen for you based on past pins. You can distinguish a related pin from the rest by looking or the “i” icon on the lower right corner of the pins.

Pinterest Related Pins Feed

Another way to see related pins is to look at the bottom of your screen after you pin or re-pin something. Look at the screenshot below. You can see the related pins suggested to you after re-pinning.

Pinterest Related Pins

I found these related pins a different way. I went to my account settings menu in the upper right corner of my screen and chose to go to a pin that another pinner has re-pinned from my board. (Yow! Say THAT three times fast!) I clicked on that pin (not the pinner) and went to the bottom of the page to see more related pins. And there, I have possibly found someone who has the same interests I do and more content for my boards.

Pinterest Settings menu