How can you change a pinboard image?

How can you change a pinboard image?

One day I was surfing through my website statistics and saw that changing images was a pretty popular search query. So how do you change a pin board image? Well, that depends! If you want to change the cover image of a pinboard, that was covered in this 5-step tutorial, how to change your Pinterest board cover image.

Now if you want to change the image associated with an individual pin you cannot do that. In fact, that’s the only thing you can’t edit on a pin. Please see the scrrenshot below. You can edit the 3 text areas of a pin:

  • The Board
  • The Description
  • The source

    You cannot edit the image even if the pin was originally yours


    By the way, you can edit the 3 fields on a pin once it’s repinned to your own pinboard.