How to access Pinterest’s API

Pinterest, the five-year old social network is accepting applications for beta access to its application program interface (API). The application to become a beta developer is brief and open only to US based users. Previously hooks into Pinterest’s programming and backend were open only to a few service providers.

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The ability to work with Pinterest as a developer is exciting. The numbers of third-party business apps available for the management, efficiency and measuring of the site’s effectiveness is limited to a few companies that had early access. The few services available are too expensive for the average pinner.


According to Pinterest, “The API is RESTful, uses JSON over HTTPS and lets you authenticate users with OAuth 2.0.”

According to Pinterest, apps will be able to:

  • Access an authorized user’s Pins, Boards, followers, and the Boards, Users and Interests they follow
  • Read a Board’s pins. Create, update and delete an authorized user’s boards
  • Get Pin details. Create, update and delete an authorized user’s pins


Since I am a programmer, I applied for access. My app will help manage accounts and gain insight into behaviors. Applicants are required to name their app and give a brief description of what it will do. To apply, Pinterest API application and fill out the form. It just takes a few minutes!

How to access Pinterests API