How To Add A Video To Pinterest

How To Add A Video To Pinterest


Pinterest started supporting video pins in late 2013. Video pins added a new dimension to Pinterest and are especially useful for businesses. Although the vast majority of pins are still photographs and graphics, videos are a fun way to demonstrate a hobby or product. The process to pin a video is the same as it is for a photo or other image.

Pinterest allows video uploads from only three sources. The only sources supported are YouTube videos, Vimeo videos and Ted Talks. You cannot upload a video from your own website, but you can create a YouTube or Vimeo account and pin your own video from there.

How To Add A Video Pin:

  • Click the ‘Add +’ button on your account menu
  • Select ‘Add from a website’
  • Enter the URL from YouTube or other video link
  • Select the image you want as a thumbnail
  • Select which of your ‘Boards’ to Pin it to and enter a description
  • Click “Pin It”

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