How to Advertise on Pinterest aka Promoted Pins

Pinterest Promoted Pins are not only for users with multi-million dollar advertising budgets anymore. Pinterest marketing is rolling out an advertising program for those of us with ordinary budgets. Soon users will be able to login to a self-service advertising portal and place ads similar to the way Google AdWords users administer their own accounts.

Pinterest announced its advertising program, Promoted Pins, in September 2013 and then rolled the program out to a select group of advertisers this past March. To participate, advertisers needed to commit at least one million dollars to the platform.

This program, like the big budget version of Promoted Pins, is still in testing. It is not clear if the advertising model will be a cost-per-impression or cost-per-click model. Pinterest needs to determine what combination of paid versus free ads will bode well with users and not turn away their affluent, predominately female audience.

Users can join the wait list going to

How to Advertise on Pinterest aka Promoted Pins

How to Advertise on Pinterest Promoted Pins