How To be Popular on Pinterest

How To be Popular on Pinterest

Pinterest Popular Pin Infographic

Step 1: It’s What Women Want!
Try to appeal to Pinterest’s userbase of over 80% female. In the U.S. the most popular categories are fashion, followed by desserts, clothing, then birthdays and last, inspirational pins.

In the U.K. the five most popular topics on Pinterest are venture capital, blogging resources, crafts, web analytics and SEO/Marketing

Step 2: The Pin
Create your pinnable graphic. Your graphic or photo should be about 300px by 300px These dimensions makes it more likely the reader will repin or like your pin. Not as many will scroll back up to the top of a super long graphic to click the repin button. An infographic should be 300 to 500 px wide by 3000 px tall (or thereabouts).

Step 3: Wait for It!
Do NOT pin anything for ONE HOUR prior to pinning your Popular Pin hopeful as Pinterest limits you to ONE pin per category page per hour.

Step 4: Pin at Optimal Hours
Pin at heavily trafficked times. The best hours to pin are 5-7AM, 5-7PM and 8PM to 1AM

Step 5: Tweet It and Like It!
Be sure to post your pin up on Twitter and Facebook too!