How to connect Pinterest to Polyvore

How to connect Pinterest to Polyvore – A Pinterest Polyvore Integration tutorial

Pinterest announced their very first set of third-party integrations last month in a Pinterst – Polyvore intergration announcement.

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In May, Pinterest opened up their Pinterest API to developers based in the US. The integrations written for Polyvore and IFTTT are the first to be released by Pinterest engineering. It makes sense, since Polyvore is one of the most pinned websites on Pinterest, with similar topics. Polyvore is a good fit.
Polyvore is a social commerce website. I don’t use IFTTT, but it appears to be an app that allows sharing between apps. I’ve never used it so that’s all I am going to say about IFTTT.
Polyvore can be connected to Pinterest, I saw a ton of news articles talking about the news, but no instructions on how to actually connect the two apps. What does connecting Pinterest to Polyvore get you? I t allows you to share things you find on Polyvore on Pinterest boards. Basically, you can pin right from Polyvore

How to connect Pinterest to Polyvore:

NOTE: If you don’t already have a Polyvore and or Pinterest account, sign up for one or both. I had to sign up for Polyvore. [Figure 1]
NOTE #2: This only works for iOS. The Android integration will be out sometime…soon!


Figure 1

  • Download the Polyvore and Pinterest apps to your iOS device. For this tutorial, I used an iPad
  • Log into your Polyvore account. Since I had to create an account, I did it right from the iPad app. I chose to create my account by signing in with Twitter [Figure 2] – something I don’t recommend and explain at the end, but I was feeling lazy.
  • Pinterest-Polyvore-Integration-0897

    Figure 2

  • I completed the registration by entering an email address which is the same one I use with Twitter. That’s it. I am all signed up!
  • To attach Pinterest to your Polyvore account, click on the “me” icon in the lower left corner of your screen [Figure 3]


    Figure 3
  • Then click on the word “sharing” which is also in the lower left corner of your screen
  • Slide the button next to Pinterest to “on”
  • A window will pop-up asking you to confirm the authorization to allow Polyvore to access Pinterest [Figure 4]
    Figure 4
  • After you select “okay” and a short delay, Polyvore will be authorized to send Pins right to Pinterest boards.
  • The integration will default and create a board called “My Polyvore Finds” [Figure 5]. You can select which board you want to pin to, as you can when you are using Pinterest directly [Figure 6]
    Figure 5


    Figure 6
    • How to connect Pinterest to Polyvore