How to edit a Pinterest pin on the iOS mobile app

Lately a lot of questions from readers have been about basic Pinterest actions. Pinterest engineering has made a lot of changes lately. Changes to the website and mobile app are not rolled out simultaneously across all platforms. To make it even more confusing, new features may be available on iOS devices (iPhone and iPads) but arrive later on Android devices.

How to edit a Pinterest pin on the mobile app--440

Editing a repin is a basic function. Users may want to edit, add to or add hashtags to the description of a pin before pinning it to their board.

To edit a pins description on Pinterest mobile:

  • Tap and hold on the pin you want to repin
  • Slide to the pin selector (an icon of an upside down pushpin and a right-side up pushpin) and release
  • A close up of the pin will pop up (Figure 1)
  • How to edit Pinterest pin mobile app

    Figure 1

  • Tap on the pencil icon next to the image to highlight the text (Figure 2)
  • How to edit Pinterest pin mobile app-2

    Figure 2

  • Tap in the text area and start typing
  • Make any edits, additions, or deletions. (Remember longer descriptions are more likely to be repined!)
  • Tap “Done.”
  • Choose the board to pin to
  • That’s it! You have edited and repinned

How to edit a Pinterest pin on the mobile app

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