How to embed a Pinterest pin on a web page

How to embed a Pinterest pin on a web page

Embedding a Pinterest pin on your website is an easy way to share your social media content with your web only users. Sharing content from one channel (social) to another (web) is a good way to build up a following. You can convert Pinterest users to blog readers, and vice versa.

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Embedding a pin is involves copying two snippets of HTML and pasting the snippet of code in a web page. The embedded pin does not have to be one that is pinned to your Pinterest account. It can be any pin, but you should of course not violate any copyright laws and give credit to others’ creations.

Generating the code is easy. Pasting it takes a little bit of web editing skill, but if you can edit a basic web page or know how to edit your WordPress site, then this is pretty easy.

To embed a Pinterest pin on a website, follow these five steps:

  • Open up desktop Pinterest
  • Choose any pin (it does not have to be your own pin)
  • Click on the pin for the close-up view [Figure 1]
  • embed-Pinterest-Pin-1

    Figure 1

  • Click on the ellipses for the drop down menu [Figure 2]
  • embed-Pinterest-Pin-2

    Figure 2

  • Choose “Embed” and Pinterest opens up the Widget Builder in another browser tab
  • The Widget Builder supplies all you need to add the Pinterest Pin to a website or share the URL[Figure 3]
  • embed-Pinterest-Pin-3

    Figure 3

  • Copy the embed code and past it onto your web page.

How-to-embed-Pinterest-pin-on-web page