How to Find more Pinterest Followers

How to Find more Pinterest Followers

In the past, I have written about how to find more Pinterest followers. Pinterest boasts an affluent mostly female following that likes to spend money so e-commerce sites naturally want to tap into this market. The average Pinterest ecommerce sale is still higher than that of a Facebook transaction. Pinterest users are more likely to buy and when they do purchase they spend more money.


So how do you attract more Pinterest followers? Pinning quality, relevant content organized on to boards is the foundation. To build a large Pinterest following create many boards and like all other social channels, be sure to interact not just talk at the community. I also recommend that you create and join Pinterest community boards to share your pins and to find pinners with similar interests.

Pinterest mobile offers other ways to find followers. When you download and log into the Pinterest mobile app, users are given the opportunity to find friends from other social channels and contacts. Log into your iOS Pinterest app, and Pinterest will prompt you to connect with other social channels and contacts. [Figure 1]


Figure 1

Choose to connect and the Pinterest mobile app will then walk you through a series of prompts. The first is to allow access to your device’s contacts. [Figure 2] Choose “allow” and Pinterest will use your address book to find followers you know!


Figure 2

The second is to find your Facebook [Figure 3] and Twitter followers on Pinterest.


Figure 3

Pinterest users also have the ability to give Pinterest access to their contacts and send out an email or SMS text message. Click ‘more”, and the app pops up a canned message for users to send to their contacts via email or text message in hopes of converting existing friends and followers over to Pinterest users.