How to Get the Pinterest Pin It Button

The Pinterest Pin It button is a widget that makes it easier for Pinterest users to pin images from your website or mobile app. Pinterest provides a widget builder to help website owners create the necessary code snippets. You can add the Pinterest Pin It button, Pinterest Follow Button, Pin Widget, or Profile Widget quickly and easily. You will need to the ability to edit your website by copying and pasting java script. Pinterest widgets are available on one convenient page on the Pinterest business support site. There are only a few available options like color, shape and size.

Pinterest now provides the Pin It button functionality for more platforms including Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress and Wix. Visit the Pinterest Help Center to get snippets for each platform and widget.

Pin It Button for Tumblr

To add any widget to Tumblr, go to your Tumblr dashboard, pick the blog you want to edit then click “Customize” and ensure it has the pinit.js file in it. If it does not, visit the Pinterest Help center for the latest version and add it to your blog.

To add a hovering Pin It button you will have to generate and edit the java script code just before the closing body tag so it reads:

 <script type="text/javascript" async data-pin-hover="true" src="//"></script>  


To add a follow button or Pin, profile or board widget to Text, Photo, Quote, Link, Audio and Video posts you will have to generate and add code from the widget builder.

Pin It button for hosted websites

You can add the Pin It button to all of your WordPress posts by enabling the Pin It Button in the Sharing Buttons section in your blog’s settings. You can embed links to Pinterest Pins, profiles or boards in blog posts.

Pin It button for WordPress websites and themes

You can add the hovering Pin It button to your blog. This is the official Pinterest Hover Pin It button for WordPress. This plugin enables a Pin It button over all of your images that are at least 120 pixels wide by 120 high.

Pin It button for Blogger

The Pin It button is native to all Blogger sites. Add it by editing your blog posts section and enable the Pinterest share buttons.
To add a Pinterest follow button or Pin, profile widget or board widget you must generate the code in the Pinterest widget builder and then add it to the gadget section of your blog.

Pin It button for Wixx sites

From the social section of your editor, choose Pinterest Pin It to add the Pin It button or Pinterest Follow to add the follow button

Adding the Pin It button to your mobile app is a bit more involved. Pinterest supplies the necessary documentation and snippets to developers for both iOS and Android apps. Click here for the iOS Pin It button or the Android Pin It button.