How to get titles on Pinterest pins

Do you have pins from your website or other sources that don’t look quite as complete as other pins? Take a look at the pin on the left (Figure 1), from my website. See the title, “How to connect Pinterest to Polyvore,” in bold directly under the photo?


Look at the pin in figure two. This pin from does not have the title below the photo. How do you get that additional information? It’s done with meta data and in Pinterest lingo, it’s called rich pins.

Title Pinterest pin-pintalk
(Figure 1) – Rich pin with title
Title Pinterest pin-Ai de Designs
(Figure 2) – Rich pin without title

Rich pins show more info than non-rich pins. Should they be called poor pins? The information that gets used as the title is just the title of my blog post and would be present on the page if I was writing for any website, social platform or other. What’s the difference? It’s in the programming of the website. My blog is set up with meta data. The data gets picked during pinning.

Rich pins are Pinterest pins that have additional data, taken from the coding on a website. The data tells Pinterest things like price, ingredients, and in this case, the title.

My website,, is a WordPRess site. I have a WordPress plugin I use to set the meta data.

I recommend setting up your website with open graph data. It works for Facebook and Google+ as well.