How to Join A Pinterest Group Board

How to Join A Pinterest Group Board

Pinterest Tutorial Join A Pinterest Group Board

Many group boards have instructions at the top telling you what you have to do to join the board. Many group board owners ask you to send them an email or leave a comment on one of the pins on the board you wish to join.

Other pinners on any group board can also send you an invitation to join if you ask for one. As you gain more followers, you will receive unsolicited invitations as well. If you are a member of a group board you can go to the board, click on “edit board” and then you will see the view below where you can add invite another account to join.

Pinterest-Add-An-Account to-A-Pinterest-Group-Board

Another way to join a board is if you are invited by someone else. Log in to your Pinterest account, click on the Pinterest logo at the top of the page to navigate to If you have been invited by someone to pin to their group board, you will see the invitation(s) like in the graphic below on the upper left side of the Pinterest home page


I look at the page I’m being invited to before I accept or decline. If a page looks spammy or doesn’t suit my interests, I don’t accept the invitation. By spammy I mean the account has a lot of followers relative to the number of pins it has.

* Be sure to adjust your email settings. Being part of a large and active group board may flood your in-box with a lot of emails!