How to Pin Pinterest Videos

How to Pin Videos on Pinterest

Pinterest is a visual social media channel. All posts, known as Pins, must include an image or video. Text only Pins are not allowed. Images can be uploaded from a smartphone, tablet, a laptop. Pinterest users can also take photos directly from the Pinterest app and save them as a Pin along with a description. Unlike the images, a link or a description is not required.

Pinterest allows video Pin for free (organic) posts that are used by everyday Pinterest Pinners including individuals and businesses. Pinterest also allows for video advertisements from brands that are paying for ads.

How to Post Organic (Free) Videos

The most common Pinterest Pin is the free version – called organic Pins. These are the type of Pin the average Pinterest user saves to their boards on personal Pinterest accounts. Brands and businesses use organic Pins as well. Personal accounts can have up to 200,000 saved Pins. As of September 2017, there are over 175 Billion Pinterest Pins! [1]
Unfortunately, like other major social networks, Pinterest does not allow Pinners to save videos directly to their boards. Videos muse be stored or hosted elsewhere and simply shared to a Pinterest. For example, any videos can be uploaded on YouTube and then shared to a Pinterest board. There is no length limitation because the video is not actually saved to Pinterest, simply shared.

Why Use Pinterest?

Pinterest is a highly visual social media channel with over 250 million users who are creative and shoppers. Pinterest is not fraught with issues seen on other social media channels like Facebook where there are privacy concerns and advertisers are constantly struggling with the advertising platform. Pinterest is easy to use. Pins can be saved and edited to make using Pinterest for fun or work a pleasure!

About Video Ads – How to Post a Promoted Video

Business users can also pay to run advertisements – called promoted Pins – to achieve more visibility for their products and services. Promoted Pins can be images or videos. and are available in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the UK and the US. Go to to begin your Promoted video advertisement. This is the only way you will be able to upload a video directly to Pinterest.

You will have to choose some demographics to upload and promote your Pinterest video Pin. Choose a location to promote it to as well as other limiters like language and keywords users use to find your video. Next choose gender, locations, languages, keywords, and more bidding options

On the third screen is where you will be able to upload your video. Pinterest video ads should have the following format:

Pinterest Video Pins Must Be:

  • .mp4 or .mov
  • H.264 encoded
  • Minimum 4 seconds to maximum 30 minutes
  • Under 2GB in size
  • For max width video, aspect ratio must be square (1:1) or widescreen (16:9)


Pinterest suggests that you use these settings for Video Pins:

  • Square (1:1) or vertical (9:16)
  • For Promoted Video at max width, use square (1:1) or widescreen (16:9)
  • 6-20 sec. video length

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