How to Save Pinterest Pins Quickly

Grow Your Pinterest by Saving Pins Quickly

Pinterest is a great social media channel to increase traffic to your website. Pinterest pins show up in Google searches. If you’re having trouble getting your website to rank fir certain keywords or phrases, then incorporating Pinterest into your search SEO or marketing strategy is worth the effort.

Pinterest has over 250 million users on its highly visual social media channel. Although not as large as Instagram, Pinterest allows multiple opportunities to use links in pins which makes it easier for shoppers. Ut also makes it easier to track traffic. Pinterest shoppers are bigger spenders than Instagram users when looking at a per transaction dollar amounts.

Even if you are not a blogger or ecommerce site trying to make money, Pinterest can also be user to drive viewers to your Shopify store or other social media channels like Instagram or YouTube. Pinterest allows both images and videos in Pinterest pins.

Whether you’re a marketer, artist, or just looking for creative ideas on Pinterest you might want to speed up the Pinning to a board process. When Pinterest first started seven years ago, the only way to save a Pin was through a multi-step process. You had to tap to go to the close-up view of the Pin, the choose to save the Pin, choose the board which involved scrolling through all of you board names to find the Pinterest board you want to save to.

How to Save pinterest pins quickly

How to save five (or however many) pins quickly

There is a quick and easy way to save Pinterest pins quickly and efficiently without paying for third-party services. This is a good technique for anyone new to Pinterest for business and looking to keep expenses down.

How Can I Save Pinterest Pins Fast?

  1. Choose the Pin you want to save to a board. By this I mean literally look at the Pin
  2. Hover (don’t tap) over the Pin you want to save
  3. A dropdown menu appears in the upper left corner
  4. Choose the board you want to save the Pin to. You can use the text box above the pin drop down list to type in a few letters to search for the board name

Note: The total downside to this is that it only works on desktop Pinterest. That’s a real downer since the vast majority of Pinterest’s traffic is via the Pinterest mobile app.

If using Pinterest for marketing, be sure to use Pinterest board names that are optimized for words and phrases you want your brand to be found for.