How to Set Up Pinterest Conversion Tracking

How to Set Up Pinterest Conversion Tracking

Hey, Pinners it’s almost Valentine’s Day. Digital marketing blogs report that Pinterest users are hard at work and have saved over 200 million Valentine’s Day related pins. Wow! I will settle for a simple bunch of roses and maybe a little bling! Savvy soulmates might grab a sneak peek at your Valentine’s Day Pinterest boards to see what’s on a pinner’s mind!


Let us continue with the Pinterest for Business series. Today’s topic is how to set up Pinterest conversion tracking. This is a digital marketing business topic so you must have a website on which you can edit the underlying code in order to use tracking. CMS systems like WordPress and Magento are also easy to edit.

Conversion tracking is a way to record user behavior through websites. By collecting website user behavior, marketers can show Pinterest users customized ads that match their behaviors and interests.

Social media user tracking started about three years ago with Facebook. Not wanting to miss out on the ad revenue, Twitter soon followed Facebook’s lead and added tracking of their own. Pinterest has jumped in to the social marketing game too! First with Promoted Pins and now with their very own conversion tracking.

To get started setting tracking you will need a Pinterest Pinterest for Business Accounts account (it’s free!) and of course, your website. Next, go into your Pinterest ads Pinterest ads manager and head over to the “conversion tracking” section.


Figure 1

There are four types of conversions [Figure 1]

  • page visit
  • sign up
  • conversion
  • custom

A conversion is whatever you define it to be in your business model (phone call, an ecommerce transaction, or watch a video perhaps!) That is up to you. If you do not know what to track, choose “custom.”

I added a YouTube Pinterest tracking setup video explaining how to add tracking. Watch it Pinterest tracking

Durations for clicks, engagements, and views extend from one to 60 days and can be individually set. [Figure 2]


Figure 2

After a little data accumulates, there will be more blog posts discussing durations. Over the next weeks, I will talk about the benefits of using tracking pixels, show tracking, data and how to use that information to sharpen your ad campaigns. Carry on and Pin! Happy Valentines Day!