How to Tag a Product on Pinterest

How to tag items on Pinterest with Shop the Look Product tagging

Pinterest is a great social media channel on which to post your products. There are several features and tools that help businesses get their products in front of more shoppers. Tagged products, a feature of Pinterest Shop The Look, makes it easier for shoppers to find and buy products shown in the Pin. Rather than having one product in an image, sellers can show an entire outfit or room and let shoppers pick out the products they want to buy.

Pinterest Users are Valuable

Pinterest Pinners have a median age of 40 years old according to Omnicore data, but the majority of active Pinners are under 40. Pinterest users are wealthy with an average annual income of $50K or more and 10% have an income of $125K or greater. Thirty percent of all US social media users are on Pinterest users with half them living in the US. Millennials use Pinterest as much as they use Instagram. Pinterest is good for search engine optimization (SEO) as well. Pins, their descriptions, hashtags, and board names can all be optimized for SEO. With over 250 million monthly active users, Pinterest should be a serious part of your social media strategy.

Pinterest Create Pin
Pinterest Create Pin

Pinterest Shop The Look

Shop the Look Pinterest Pins contains tagged products. You can find a Shop the Look Pin because it shows white dots – like targets- when you hover over the image. The dots indicate the products that can be clicked on by the user so they can find similar products featured in the Pin and shop for them. To use tagged products and Shop The Look, you will need a Pinterest business account. If you have a business account (which is free) then you can tag products in a Pins from your business website. This is a manual process with just a few extra steps when you create Pins.

How to Pin a Tagged Product

To begin selling your products on Pinterest, start with creative and colorful images for your Pins. Pin shareable content and be sure to use up the full text description field below the image. The description should contain keywords and phrases that people would use to search for your product. Products can be grouped together on boards which is a way of categorizing Pins. Creating a tutorial using tall Pins takes up more real estate on Pinterest and makes your Pins more likely to be noticed and saved to other boards.

Pinterest Product Tag Screenshot
Pinterest Product Tag Screenshot

How to tag items on Pinterest with Shop the Look Product tagging

  1. Click plus sign (upper right corner on desktop or bottom center on the mobile app)
  2. Choose Create Pin
  3. Upload an image to the new Pin
  4. Add a title and description (be sure to use SEO keywords)
  5. Add a link URL to the website where the product is sold
  6. Next, with cursor mouse hover over the uploaded image on the left
  7. Click on the price tag icon (that is over the image)
  8. Click the product you want to tag (You can tag multiple products in one image)
  9. Add the product web URL. Affiliate links are okay to use here!
  10. Choose a product image from the images the populate in the right pane
  11. Repeat steps 8 to 10 for each product you want to tag
  12. Click Done

Note: Tagged products only work for Pinterest business accounts. The URL link in step five must be from your website associate with the business account you are logged into. You cannot use link shorteners as the product links. You can only use affiliate links or links to other websites when you tag the product in step nine.

Pinterest Create Pin TAGGED
Pinterest Tagged Product Pin

What are Pinterest Product Pins?

Product Pins are Rich Pins that feature up-to-date images, prices, and descriptions for your products. Customers click Product Pins to view and buy your products from your online store.

What are Pinterest Buyable Pins?

In addition to Rich Pins, Pinterest also has Buyable Pins which makes the shopping process faster and more convenient for Pinterest Pinners. With Buyable Pins, shoppers can add a product directly to their Pinterest shopping cart by selecting the “Add to Bag” button. The entire checkout process is completed without ever leaving Pinterest.