How to Tell If You Already Pinned a Pinterest Pin

How to Tell If You Already Pinned a Pinterest Pin

Have you ever been pinning merrily along on your Pinterest account and wondered if you have saved a pin before? Most Pinterest pins are actually re-pins. There are many benefits to saving a pin to multiple boards. Pinning to a pin to more than one board is part of my social media strategy.

Every time I post a new YouTube video, I save it to my Pinterest for Business board on my Pinterest account. The next day I re-pin the pin to other Pinterest boards owned by others. For example, I save Pins to “Everyone’s Social Media Resource Pinterest” and “For YouTubers Only Pinterest.”


Pinterest used to inform us that we had already pinned something with a friendly warning, “Pssst, Looks like you already saved this!” Now, Pinterest tells us exactly where the Pin was saved. A very useful update! If I try to save a pin again, Pinterest now tells me the name of the board where I already saved the Pin. [Figure 1]

How to Tell If You Already Pinned a Pinterest Pin desktop

Figure 1

This is helpful because now I know where I already saved the Pin. If I added it to the video board yesterday, I know today is the day for the social media boards. Very simple! This update applies to desktop Pinterest only. I took an update on both my iOS mobile device [Figure 2] and my Android Phone [Figure 3] see that Pinterest mobile still only supplies the standard warning on both Pinterest mobile apps.


Figure 2

Mobile Pinterest does not tell you which board you already saved the Pin on. This is unusual for Pinterest engineering. Usually the apps get the best updates.

Figure 3