How to tell the age of a Pinterest Pin

How to tell the age of a Pinterest Pin

Pinterest is a visual social network where users organize save images of things they love into categories, called boards. Pinterest differs from other social channels in several ways: it is the most gender imbalanced social network, its users spend the most per transaction, and it does not support native video. The social site also does not have a date stamp on posts to tell users when a pin was posted to a board.


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter [Figure 1], LinkedIn, YouTube, all have date stamps that tell users when something was posted to the site. Tweets state the hours since they were posted, and then convert to the date only view after the post is over 24 hours old. Facebook first lists the time since posted in hours, then displays the date and time as the posts ages.


Date stamps are useful to marketers because it indicates how active and account is. It also helps us figure which accounts are fraudulent or spammy.

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Pinterest now shows the time since posted in the lower right corner of the pin. There is no date listed, but Pinterest does progressively tell us the minutes, hours, days, or weeks elapsed since the pin was saved.

Listen to my YouTube video where we talk about how to tell the age of a Pinterest Pin.