How to view and unfollow Pinterest topics

Have you ever searched for topics on Pinterest and then elected to “follow” the search? Following a topic is similar to following a fellow Pinterest user, except when you follow a topic, you are following much more than an individual. Have you ever wondered how to see what you followed on Pinterest? Now you can easily view what topics you follow and get suggestions for more topics.

How to view unfollow Pinterest topics 440px

This is a quick tutorial on how to view your followed topics. Although I checked for this feature on the iPhone and the iPad, it only works on the Android app. A new feature for Android but not iOS is truly rare for Pinterest!

  • Open the Pinterest Android app
  • At the top of your screen, tap the icon that looks like a heart in a hexagon (Figure 1)
    Figure 1
  • The next screen will give you the option to see the “Topics you follow.” (Figure 2) Each topic is represented by a photo in a circle icon
    Figure 2
  • To unfollow a topic, tap the circle icon. A greyed out circle shows it is unfollowed (Figure 4)
    Figure 4

Below the icons representing the topics you currently follow, there are suggestions for other topics for you to follow. To select one of these, click on the “Follow” button to the right of the topic. (Figure 5)


How to view unfollow Pinterest topics