How to Identify Pinterest Advertisements

How to Identify Pinterest Advertisements

There is a new video on the PinTalk YouTube channel this week. The video instructs Pinterest users on how to identify Pinterest advertisements in their Pinterest feed. The goal is to help Pinners distinguish an ad, called a Promoted Pin, from an ordinary Pin.

I was motivated to produce the video and write this post after I noticed many Google search queries that showed that user intent was to “get rid of annoying Pinterest ads.” It can be frustrating when an ad is saved to a Pinterest board unintentionally. I look and shop Promoted Pins and Buyable Pins, but I would never save one to one of my Pinterest boards!


Some Pinterest pinners do not want to be interact with Pinterest, or any other social channel, ads. Identifying a Pinterest advertisement is helpful. It can help Pinners avoid clicking over to a potentially slow loading ecommerce store – a real nuisance when using mobile data. Others may be looking to shop and want to know how to find more Pinterest ads. Businesses and brands might want to see what their competitors are up to. Check out this video on how to spy on Facebook ad targeting.

The Pinterest advertising platform combines a variety of products. The one available to businesses and budgets of all sizes is call Promoted Pins. Pinterest’s Promoted Pins are paid social media ads that an advertiser is spending money on to get more impressions, engagement or clicks to their website. Promoted Pins are targeted at a certain social shopping audience via a combination of keyword targeting, demographics, interests, or behaviors.

Buyable Pins are also a form of advertising on Pinterest, but the setup is entirely different. Businesses can only use Buyable Pins if they are using one of five ecommerce platforms, Shopify, Demandware, BigCommerce, Magento, or IBM Commerce, to manage their online stores. Buyable Pins are a type of promotion, with their noticeable blue prices, however they are not PPC ads.

Finding an advertisement on Pinterest is easy when you know what to look for. Promoted Pins are easier to find in certain categories like fashion and beauty. A Pinterest Promoted Pin is denoted by the word “promoted” on underneath the photo.

Buyable Pins are much easier to spot. They each have a blue price underneath the photo. These pins are unique in that they allow users to make purchases right from Pinterest. Although Pinterest handles the payment processing, the vendor fulfills the order.

Another step to reduce Pinterest ads is to adjust account privacy settings to reduce Pinterest cookie tracking. This will be a topic for a future post.