Increase Your Followers on Pinterest

In 2012, Pinterest had more than 12 million monthly unique visitors (source: Sirona Consulting). Pinterest refers more traffic than Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube combined. More than a quarter of Pinterest users have an annual household income of at least $100,000. (source:Ultralinx) and referrals spend 70 percent more than visitors referred from non-social channels. (source: Search Engine Journal). Websites that are able to market their products effectively through images can benefit from traffic from this fast growing social network. Here are ways to increase your following to increase your profits.


  1. Follow other accounts and individual boards. It’s not necessary to always “follow all”. Pinterest allows you to follow boards a la carte. Try to follow accounts or individual boards that are relevant to your interests. In the case of a business account, follow accounts with similar or complimentary lines of business, e.g. a bakery may follow other bakeries, bakers, wedding planners or maybe farmers who produce their raw materials.
  2. Re-pin other people’s pins, not just your own. With the new Pinterest layout when you re-pin, the user get a notification in the upper right corner of their home screen. This lets them know you are interested in their curating and hopefully scores you a follow back!
  3. Use keywords that make sense in your boards’ titles. Don’t forget to include synonyms for your board. e.g. if you have a board for “barbeque recipes” recognize that others may search for “BBQ recipes” Use both the singular and plural form of a noun.
  4. Set up boards with interests other than you own. This holds true for personal and business accounts. This is easy for personal users. A recipe board is a must have!. You could also include add a board from a hobby that suits you and include those pins.
    Businesses have to be more selective. Infographics are wildly popular too! Again find a topic that is a smart fit for your business. Health related articles and books to read can be spun to fit most businesses!
  5. Accept invitations to or ask to be invited to relevant group boards. Once your are a collaborator pin to the board. Also pin from the board to your own.