How to make a banner with Pinterest cover images

Pinterest Tutorial How to make a banner with Pinterest cover images

Here is quick tutorial to help you liven up your Pinterest boards. Be sure to change the cover images of your boards and even reorder them on the page on a regular basis so your account looks well maintained. One way to keep your Pinterest account looking fresh is to change the cover images with the seasons of the year. This tutorial gives you a quick and easy way to change your cover images for summer. I am going to show how to spread a message in a banner image across multiple boards.

Before pinning the first image, arrange the boards you want to pin to. I moved a few boards to the top row in my Pinterest account. I pinned four images containing letters in order from left to right and then pinned one picture of bikinis on the fifth board.

1. Start with a summer themed background image. Keep in mind the images with colored backgrounds, preferably shades of red or blue, are repinned more often that images that have a mostly white background. Figure 1 shows the image I started with.
Pinterest Image Size

Figure 1

2. From your account menu, click on the Plus ‘+’ sign. Then choose ‘Upload a Pin.”
Pinterest Upload a pin

Figure 2

Choose the image you want to pin from your computer. In this case, I am pinning the word “summer” so the first letter I chose is the letter “s.” I am working on the word “summer”. If you are businesses, you may want to pin the word “sale” or other promotional text.

Figure 3

Be sure to fill in a good description for the image. You have up to 500 characters, use keywords and hashtags here to help other users find your pin. Click “Pin.” Go back and edit the pin to add your website’s URL.
Pin the letter S

Figure 4

Change your board’s cover image. Hover your mouse over the board you just pinned to, click on “Change Cover.” The image you just pinned will be the first choice. Just click “Save Changes.”

Figure 5

When we are done, your account will have a big banner like mine!

Figure 6

Pinterest-Tutorial-How-to-make-a banner-with-Pinterest-cover- images-Pin