How to Make Money Blogging Using Pinterest

How to Make Money Blogging Using Pinterest

Bloggers can make money using Pinterest to drive traffic! Obviously if you are already a blogger, you have a website set up!

The first thing to do to be more effective selling on Pinterest is to convert to a Pinterest business account. With a free Pinterest account, your website domain name is verified with Pinterest. With a verified business account, you will have more options available to you. Included in the business platform are analytics and the ability to run ads.

Note: Not ALL of these methods are free!

Five Ways to Make Money Blogging and Using Pinterest:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Buyable Pins – this applies only to websites that are transacting online with shopping cart back ends like Shopify or Magento. Use the Pinterest Showcase to highlight products that you want to sell!
  • Promoted Pins – This is Pinterest’s version of paid ads – similar to Goggle AdWords but the platform is not as robust as AdWords
  • Blogging with Pinterest SEO friendly content. Optimize Pinterest boards with SEO friendly
  • Influencer Marketing – Build up your follower count (with authentic followers) and you will be able to work with brands and sell online. Influencer marketing is a better arrangement than affiliate marketing because there is a direct relationship with the brand.