How to Make Money on Etsy with Pinterest


How to Make Money on Etsy with Pinterest is a popular shopping website where sellers can open up “Etsy Shops” and sell directly to individuals. Popular Etsy Shops sell items such as clothing, jewelry, tools, weddings related items, home décor, etc.… Regardless of shopping platform, smart ecommerce sellers know they have to work to drive potential shoppers to their online stores. “If I build it, they will come” is not a viable strategy.

Pinterest shares many of the same popular topics: home décor, fashion, accessories, weddings and do-it-yourself projects. This makes Pinterest an ideal social media channel to promote an Etsy Shop and make money with Pinterest.

Pinterest Pinners are shoppers!

  • After seeing a fashion or home product on Pinterest 30% made a purchase
  • Almost 25% of Pinterest users purchased health, fitness, or entertainment products they found on the social media channel

Pinterest has over 100 million active users. Eight-seven percent of Pinterest users buy a product after they found it on the social media channel. So how do Etsy Shop owners use Pinterest to drive traffic and make money on Etsy with Pinterest?

The first step is to create a Pinterest account. Be sure to follow Pinterest best practices for business. Although it is not possible to verify an Etsy Shop with Pinterest, Pins can be saved with links in them. Be sure to complete your bio at the top of your Pinterest account. Add an image or logo that matches the one used on your Etsy Shop. Users will learn to identify you through branding.

Add boards that show your Etsy Shop products in a logical manner. Group the boards by category as they are organized on Etsy. Be sure to fill out a complete description of each Pinterest board. Make the name of each board a search engine friendly word or phrase. Be specific. For example, do not name a board something overly broad like “kitchen” or obscure like “get in my belly.” Use a descriptive phrase like “kitchen utensils.” Separate each word with dashes.

Add a few more Pinterest boards that the entire account is not so salesy. Add boards that are relevant to your Etsy Shop, but no in direct competition with it. Consumer safety information is a nice compliment to any baby items. AS with any social channel, a good strategy involves making the channel a resource and a community.

When saving a Pin to Pinterest be sure to fill out the description completely. Try to use as much of the 500 character limit in the Pin description (below the image) as possible. Use a few hashtags containing descriptive keywords. Always think of the words, called keywords, users would search for to find your product.

Lastly, be sure that all saved Pinterest Pins have a link to the Etsy Shop’s product. If there is no link, a click or tap on the Pin will only result in a close-up view and not a click though to the Etsy Shop.