How to Make Your Pinterest Account Stand Out

How to Make Your Pinterest Account Stand Out

How can you make your Pinterest account stand out so you can sell your products, goods, and services on Pinterest? You want to get a share of Pinterest’s social traffic and get the attention of its high converting followers!

There are many things to adjust on your account to get your products noticed! They are simple and free to adjust. However, many of them are overlooked or out-of-date.

Pinterest Showcase

I just made another video about the new Pinterest Showcase and it’s live on my YouTube channel. The showcase is easy to set-up. It is large, prominent multi-image area at the top of a Pinterest business profile. You can learn how to set that up in the video or just delete it if you do not want to use it. For the sake of standing out in a crowd, I recommend using the Showcase because it is a good way to highlight products or boards.

Pinterest Profile Photo

The most important image to optimize is your profile photo. Not only is it prominently positioned at the top of your Pinterest account, it is also the image that shows up most often. Your profile photo appears whenever you leave a comment on a Pin It also appears in various sizes in related boards, also pinned by, and messages.

Be sure your profile image is clear. For enterprise or branded social media, be sure to use your logo.

When you become active on social media and start to build a following, other users will look at your profile. They will judge you and choose to follow or not follow back! It is best practices to have a clear profile image that is common to all of your social media profiles. This is especially true if you are working on your personal brand. Profile images, which are part of your branding, should be repeated on your website for the sake of continuity.

Make sure all images used in your social media and website crisp and clean. Use them to convey brand messaging!


Your bio is that brief description that appears at the top of all social media channels next to your profile photo. Like profile photos, descriptions are a chance to make a good first impression.

State your brand values purpose. Use up all the space, but be sure to position the most important words at the beginning. The space allowed for your account description is brief make it purposeful. A bio should include your verified website URL if you have one.

Pinterest Boards

The above practice also applies to each board and pin in your account. Although Pinterest is developing more image scanning and search capability, most of the search functionality is still driven by text searches.

The goal of enterprise social media is to get traffic and more eyeballs on your Pinterest account and then get those viewers over to your website. Invest some resources into keyword research. Name your boards after SEO friendly terms using hyphens to separate words. This will help your Pinterest turn up in organic searches!

Try to imagine yourself as the customer and search using the words they would use to find your products. You may need to include multiple spellings and variations of board names.

Boards should have complete descriptions too. Use your keywords and SEO phrases in board descriptions. Use up as many characters as possible and include hashtags. The descriptions should accurately describe the contents of a board or Pin. Don’t stuff keywords or be deceiving.