How to Market Your Book on Pinterest

How to Market Your Book on Pinterest

Pinterest is a highly visual social network that is great for marketing products or brands that can be represented in photos or graphics. Pinterest has over 100 million users. The social channel is positioning itself to compete with other social media giants like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Pinterest users are mainly affluent females who are likely to buy what they see on social media.


Why is Pinterest a good social channel for marketing your book?

  • Users are educated – most have some college education or more
  • Users are affluent – the average users’ income is $55k and up
  • Pinterest users spend – Dollars spent are, on average, double that of Facebook traffic conversions
  • Tall aspect ratio pins work well with book covers!

There are two ways to market your book on Pinterest. The first is through earned social traffic. Pin a cover of your book with a description on Pinterest. Create a Pinterest board on your account that is named for your book’s title or genre. For example, my book is titled, “Pinterest Tutorial book.” I created a Pinterest Tutorial book dedicated to the book:

I repined it to book lovers’ boards, help boards, social media marketing boards, and a variety of other related Pinterest boards. Most book covers are taller than they are wide. This happens to be the ideal aspect ratio for a Pinterest pins. Be sure to use up as many characters as possible in the text description when saving your book’s pin!

A Pinterest video of the author giving a synopsis of the book or reading a passage is another ideal pin. Videos are shown to increase conversions (sales).

Another way to market your book on Pinterest is to use Promoted Pins. Promoted Pins are paid social media advertising. Authors can target their paid pins at demographics that are likely to buy: women, men, interests, geographical locations. These are perfect for travel and hobby books.

There are other ways to sell your book on Pinterest. The new “How To” Pins would be great, but that program is only available to certain content providers. Pinterest now allows affiliate links, so links can go straight to books on, if that’s where it lives, and affiliate marketers can help out your sales efforts.