New! Animated GIFs on Pinterest

Pinterest added animated GIFs to the list of image types it supports. The announcement was made in a blog post. The fast growing social network has always supported GIFs but users could not see the animation. Animated GIFs have the ability to display motion, but this is the first time Pinterest supported it.

According to the blog post:
We’ve added a “Play” button to animated GIFs on Pinterest, so you can play the GIF right on Pinterest. (GIFs won’t automatically play.) This is a great opportunity for your brand to get more use out of GIFs on your website and to add new kinds of Pins to Pinterest. In addition to photos and videos, animated GIFs can add a fun, engaging element to your boards.

Below is a screenshot of 2 non-animated GIFs. Pinterst does not seem to be able to distinguish between animated and non-animated GIFs. You can see the play button on my two tutorials pins.

Pinterest Animated GIFs