New Pinterest cover photos – Part 2

New Pinterest cover photos – Part 2

Last night I wrote a quick post about how I briefly saw a change to my Pintalk Pinterest home page layout. Poof! The new layout was fleeting and I barely got a glimpse of it before my Pinterest went wonky and reverted back to the current state of ordinary!

Well it happened again tonight!. This time I grabbed a quick screenshot which you can see below. Notice the difference between the cover images in row one versus row two? The row two covers have a small gravatar at the top in addition to the board name and owner’s name.


I was toggling between windows checking on various social networking accounts and there was the new layout again. After I snapped the screenshot the new layout disappeared during a Pinterest slow down, again! Now it’s all back to boring and normal.

When will Pinterest roll out this layout? Will it happen before I lose my mind stalking my own Pinterst account late at night trying to catch the engineering team in the middle of a test? Well, I love this new feature. Hope it rolls out soon!