New Pinterest Desktop Menu

New Pinterest Desktop Menu

We’re back with a Pinterest tutorial about yet another new menu. It’s been a while, I’ve been covering some of the other projects I’ve been working with on my other blog site But today, it’s back to my favorite social media platform, Pinterest. I have been working on other business Pinterest accounts all along, but today, when I logged onto my Pinterest, I found another new menu. It looks like it’s trying to be a mobile friendly menu on a desktop site. This brings the number of menu on the desktop version, to five menus. There is some redundancy in the menu items, so I say this is not the final version for Pinterest engineering.


I see this new menu on my Pinterest account and on two other accounts I manage as well, but it is not on any of the other accounts. The number of followers the account has, whether is is used for paid ads, and how frequently it is used do not seem to be related to whether the menu was rolled-out to it or not.

The first menu, a new side-loading mobile device- like menu has a top link to users’ home feed. Below that is a link to Pinterest Analytics, and below that is the ads manager link. It does not matter if a user has applied to the ads program, called Promoted Pins, or not. The ads manger menu choice sits in the third position.


[Menu 1]

The second grouping on the side-bar fly out has choices for creating a new pin, including “Pin from a website”, “Upload a pin,” and you guessed it, “Create ad.” After that, there is a third and fourth grouping in the first menu, for Pinterest tools and tutorials (not mine!) that lead you off your account to the Pinterest help areas.

The second menu, is one we are accustomed to seeing. Click on your profile icon on the upper right portion of your screen to see a drop down menu with options to click though to your profile, settings, billing (ads again!), the help center, or to log out.


[Menu 2]

The third menu is also one we are used to using. From your home feed or profile page, click on the gear icon. It’s just below your user icon. From here, menu options include:

  • Edit settings
  • Find friends
  • Promoted pins
  • Analytics
  • Make a widget
  • Get help
  • Logout


[Menu 3]

The fourth menu contains the second grouping from the side-bar menu. To get to this menu, click on the plus sign at the top of your screen. A repetitive menu with the same including “Pin from a website”, “Upload a pin,” and, “Create ad” (again) drops down.


[Menu 4]

Finally, there is one last Pinterest menu – the categories menu. Click on the menu to the right of the search bar. This drops down a list of Pinterest categories.


[Menu 5]