No need to follow a Pinterest group board to be invited to pin

Pinterest no longer requires users to follow a board in order to receive a group board invitation to it. Formerly, Pinterest users had to be following a group board they wanted to pin to so that another user could send them an invitation to pin to it. Likewise, a user could not invite another user to pin on a group board unless the invitee was already following that board [Figure 1].


[Figure 1]

A Pinterest group board is one that has multiple users that can pin to the board. The creator of the Pinterest group board retains the sole permission to edit the cover image, category and description. Pinners on a group board can invite and delete other users.

Follow Pinterest group board to be invited to pin 440

Group boards are a popular way to share pins with other like-minded Pinterest users. They are also helpful as they keep a Pinterest account looking active even when the board’s creator is unable to actively post content. Pinterest group boards are also useful for collaborating on projects.

Perhaps the most important benefit of a Pinterest group board is that they can be used to help a user build a following quickly. Group boards generally help a user establish a following faster than boards with only one pinner.

Alternatively, instead of following only the Pinterest group board a user wants to collaborate on, users can also follow the entire account of the board owner. If the invitee is not following a board, they are automatically switched to following it when they accept an invitation to pin to it.

Follow Pinterest group board to be invited to pin