Nonprofits on Pinterest: Celebrate Your Volunteers!

Pinterest can be used in many ways to promote your nonprofit. Like all other social media outlets, this shouldn’t be all about you, right? The real work for any charity is done by the hard-working volunteers who believe in the organization’s mission. It is important to make sure their efforts are recognized and send the message that this is a group of cherished people working on something positive. Tell the world “We see your sacrifice. We see that you make a difference.”

Volunteer labor is a critical component of any charitable organization. Nonprofits struggle to retain talent and turnover is costly. Pinterest is a nice way to celebrate your volunteers, visually.

Here are a few ideas to make your Pinterest Pinboards a resource to celebrate volunteers:

  1. Photo of the Week. Show your volunteers in action, in pictures.
  2. Knowledge. Facts can be conveyed through reports and brochures. New skills can be learned through books and shared knowledge
  3. Effectiveness. How well are you reaching your intended recipients, really?
  4. Causes. A charity can have more than one focus. For example my friend’s woman-centric nonprofit has financial resources to fund bridge loans and another division may runs a food pantry. Let your volunteers know what you;re doing in each area.
  5. Volunteers in action! Show the world your volunteers and what they do.
  6. Recipients. (where possible) – Sometimes giving is anonymous, sometimes it’s not. A smiling face is a heart warming inspiration.
  7. Future events. List general event information, future volunteer opportunities, volunteer appreciation days (Yes, you should have those!!!)
  8. Support Transparency. Talented people want their organizations to share information that could affect their work. Use Pinterest to create an open and transparent environment with financial information and statistics.
  9. Motivational Pinboards. Pinterest is absolutely loaded with inspirational, motivational prayers, quotes and photos.