One Step Pinning

Last week Pinterest changed the way I pin. I’m dubbing it one-step pinning. I looked for an announcement in the support and engineering blogs but didn’t see any chatter about this. It’s not a huge change but it does affect the way you pin and repin.

I think this change is a bit annoying because even after a week, I still am repinning things to the wrong boards. I’m one of those that thinks via my mouse pointer so as I’m hovering over a board name, one little muscle twitch at the wrong time sends my pin off to the wrong board. One-step pinning also makes it a little bit faster for the spammers to pin, something none of us want!

Let’s take a look at one-step pinning. The one-step Pinterest pin it button is pretty simple and works in two ways.

1. If your mouse is not hovering over the image to be pinned and you want to pin to the last “recently picked” board, you just have to hit the “enter” key on your keyboard. If you want to choose another board, see option two below.


If you want to choose a different board other than your last “recently picked” board then you scroll down to select a new board and just click on the board name you want to pin to. That’s it! There are even some helpful prompts in the board name telling what to do (‘Click to pin’ or ‘Hit enter to pin’)