Who pinned who?

If you are confused about the 3 profile icons labeled “repins from” and name that appear to the right of your bio box on Pinterest, then you are not alone. It took hours of playing with pinning to figure if and how that update really worked. Recently I received this email from a reader who was unable to tell what the “repins from” update meant.


The 3 users that are listed to the right of your profile are people YOU have pinned to your boards. It updates VERY slowly. Pins today may show up tomorrow or so. I have played with it and it seems if you pin and re-pin the same account over and over, it will update faster. A fast update sometimes happens by the next day! This update is always going to be a behind, by at least 24 hours.

There is another list, called “notifications”. It’s the drop down list in upper right corner of your Pinterest. It has a long list of activity of users that pinned you, followed you or send pins to you.